Zen DP-230-IKDL for Ikelite Dry Lock System

Zen DP-230-IKDL for Ikelite Dry Lock System

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Zen 9″ optical glass dome port for Ikelite SLR housings with the new Dry Lock Port System.
115mm optical radius, BK7, MgF broadband AR coat
Zen DP-230-IKDL



230mm glass dome port for Ikelite housings.

Like all Zen Underwater ports, the DP-230 is hand crafted from the finest materials and represents the state-of-the-art design and optical technology. Like their highly acclaimed DP-200, it begins with a BK7 glass dome. This yields outstanding optical performance, easily equivalent to or surpassing any other dome currently available at any price. The large radius assures a thin water line for over/under shooting, and the glass surface minimizes water beading.

The interior of the dome element is coated with a magnesium fluoride broadband anti-reflective coating to minimize internal reflections from camera lenses, lettering on cameras, etc. which can be a problem in a bright ambient light situation.

The exterior is treated with a proprietary scratch resistant coating to control lens flare. This coating yields an amazing 99.7%+ transmissive value for true distortion free images.

For exceptional image quality from a full frame camera, the DP-230 is the port you have been waiting for.

Weight: 5.2 pounds / 2.4 kg
Overall diameter: 250mm / 10 inch
Overall height: 110mm / 4.3 inch

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