Inon UFL-165 AD fisheye wide-conversion lens -
Test pictures

Inon UFL-165 AD wa Max. coverage: 165.5° (underwater use only).
Magnification: ×0.405.
convexconcave 4 elements, 4 groups. Optical plastic dome with hard coating. Optical glass internals with anti-reflection coatings.
dot_bu Depth rating: 60m
Dimensions /mm: 114 diam., 86.5 front to back.
Weight: 440g. (85g underwater).

Lens designed for use with camera lens f = 35mm
Corner detail images have been resized to 2582 × 1937 (5Mp) before cropping
Tested using Canon S100 camera in Recsea housing with Recsea AD port adapter.
Vignette normally appears dark, but has been masked in grey to make it visible.

ufl165ad_24 ufl165ad_24dt


ufl165ad_28 ufl165ad_28dt


ufl165ad_35 ufl165ad_35dt


ufl165ad_50 ufl165ad_50dt

Pano Tools radial corection coefficients (Inon UFL-165 AD + Canon S100 camera)

f a b c d(red) d(green) d(blue) Δd(red) Δd(blue)
24 0.3 -0.74 0 1.4415 1.44 1.4395 0.0015 -0.0005
28 0.13 -0.39 0 1.2615 1.26 1.2595 0.0015 -0.0005
35 0.06 -0.22 0 1.1615 1.16 1.1595 0.0015 -0.0005
50 0.02 -0.1 0 1.0815 1.08 1.0795 0.0015 -0.0005

redstar Star performance
Although this lens was designed for cameras having a minimum 35mm equivalent focal length of 35mm, it is relatively unaffected by the large distance from back element to camera entrance pupil which is imposed by cameras (such as the S100) having a wide-range zoom. Hence, although it becomes necessary to zoom-in to f=35mm to eliminate vignetting, the results can nevertheless be used at high magnification without the need for additional correction. This is an excellent lens.

David Knight
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Pictures by Steve Knight
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