SEACAM silver Housing for CANON EOS5D MKIV

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SEACAM silver Housing for CANON EOS5D MKIV

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The SEACAM silver for the CANON EOS5D MKIV sets new standards in design and ergonomics.
Due to the special construction, the mounting of the camera is especially easy.

Housing is not supplied with ports for your lenses. Please contact us for details.



  • The housing is milled out of a saltwater-proof light metal alloy twice hardened and high-value anodized.
  • Special longevity is achieved through use of materials of only the best quality: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, premium synthetics as well as Helicoil threads.
  • Double sealing with seamless, high-quality precision O-rings protects all shafts and press buttons. The main O-ring is of a particularly strong dimension.
  • The titanium SAFETY LOCK fastening system safely secures both housing shells.
  • Seacam's interchangeable viewfinder system includes 4 different viewfinders and can be exchanged without any tool.
  • The easy mounting system and the double O-ring sealing particularly secures the SEACAM front port connection with its bayonet thread.
  • Clearly laid out LCD colour monitor window and upper display window, mode view.
  • 2 flash sockets N5 or S6 are included
  • 2 Flash Arm T-shoes are included
  • Tripod thread 3/8"
  • M8 thread provided on top of the housing for easy attachment of additional balls.
  • Two removable handles
  • Optic-acoustical water alarm.
  • Housing includes  Spare O-ring set, lubricant and surface oil, hex-wrench set and locking strap in neoprene bag; protection caps and instruction manual. 
  • Vacuum system and remote connections are optional. Please ask us for details.

Controls are provided for:

Turning knobs and control levers
Main switch, shutter release, front / rear dial, manual focus, zoom, lens release, MODE dial, AF-ON / ISO / +/- flash compensation, M-FN / WB / measuring mode, AF-area control / AE-storage / lock, DOF depth of field preview, live view.

Push buttons
Measuring mode / white balance, LCD light, menu, style, info, play, delete, set / movie.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Camera Specific Housing Finder Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Depth Rating 80m, deeper operation depth on request.
Product Weight 2800g excluding port and viewfinder, neutral under water depending on port and viewfinder.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 190 x 130 mm excluding port, viewfinder and handles.
Part Number #120380
SKU/EAN seacam-5d4

In order to see exactly what you are shooting, a range of viewfinders for your SEACAM silver housing are indispensable. Only with an excellent optical viewfinder are you able to compose your image perfectly and shoot at the right moment.
The SEACAM exchangeable viewfinder system offers a wide range of viewfinders for all kinds of requirements, conditions and applications.
SEACAM viewfinders can all be removed very quickly for transport and can be interchanged without the need of tools.

SEACAM offers four viewfinders:
PRO G - The smallest viewfinder in the product range has a precisely adjustable Galilei optical technology offering a brilliant view. The SEACAM PRO G Viewfinder decreases the viewfinder image slightly but in spite of the diving mask shows the entire viewfinder image and the displayed data. The camera´s diopter adjustment retains its full function.
100% image field with a 25% viewfinder reduction.

S10 -  
With a 10° view, a brilliant, extremely bright and large viewfinder image the new S10 SPORTSFINDER offers a precise focus and optimal image design. Tilting the viewfinder at a 10° angle guarantees a quick object finding as well as an environmentally friendly photography, even close to the ground. The small and lightweight construction of only 400g is very impressive too. 
For images taken in portrait format the S10 SPORTSFINDER can easily switched in to the vertical position.
100% image field with a triple viewfinder image enlargement.

S45 - The SEACAM S45 Sportsfinder with the comfortable 45° view has been the groundbreaking development in underwater photography for 10 years. In spite of having been copied many times, the SEACAM S45 is unrivalled in its brilliance and image size. In terms of comfort it offers a substantial advantage not only in macro photography. Tilting the viewfinder at a 45° angle is the only way of guaranteeing environmentally friendly photography even close to the ground.

This development which was realized for the first time for standard viewfinder cameras, enlarges the viewfinder image threefold, it is light intensive and brilliant and shows all information true sided in the image margins. Very practical is the S45 Sports- finder´s ability to be rotated infinitely with 4 snap locations on the housing for a quick change between landscape and portrait formats.

For those needing glasses, the sports viewfinder can be adjusted to +/- 3 diopters.

100% image field with a triple viewfinder image enlargement.

S180 - The SEACAM S180 Sportsfinder has a straight view, is light intensive and brilliant like the S45 Sports- finder. With a triple viewfinder image enlargement and a diopter adjustment of +/- 3 this viewfinder is ideal for a quick and precise aiming. This viewfinder is also rotatable and can thus be positioned almost in the camera´s optical axis.

100% image field with a triple viewfinder image enlargement.