Returning equipment for service, replacement or refund

1) Out-of-warranty service returns

  • Although underwater engineering work can be performed in-house, we sub-contract much of our out-of-warranty repair work to KMR Photographic Services.  You can therefore save time and postage costs by dealing with KMR directly ( +44 (0)1621 868805 ), but read the following notes first:  
  • For compact cameras and underwater housings made by major manufacturers (Panasonic, Canon, Sony, etc.): it is usually necessary to send the item to the manufacturer or to the manufacturer's approved service agent.  It saves time and postage costs to do so directly.  See the manufacturer's website for details.
  • ikelite products can be repaired by KMR, but there may be engineering upgrades which can only be carried out by returning the item to ikelite in the USA.  As part of our distribution operation, we ship items to the USA in batches to spread the cost.  Some information on available upgrades is posted on ikelite's website (see particularly the Substrobe and FAQ sections).  If in doubt, contact us and we will advise.  
  • For Gates underwater products, contact us first.  Cameras Underwater is an authorized service agent, but may suggest an alternative repairer or supply service parts for non-critical operations.

2) Service charges.  Pressure and vacuum testing.

  • Work carried out by Cameras Underwater is charged at (GBP) £60 + VAT per hour. Parts, materials, and carriage are extra. Pressure testing is advised after any operation which disturbs a non-user-serviceable watertight seal. Such work is charged on a time basis (preparation and inspection), with a minimum charge of £15.

 3) Warranty Claims

  • Please contact us before sending items for warranty service.  We can sometimes help in isolating the source of the problem, and unnecessary returns can be avoided in some cases.  Some manufacturers will also accept direct returns, bypassing the seller, and this can save time and reduce postage costs.
  • Warranty claims cannot be processed without proof of purchase.
  • Cameras Underwater Ltd. does not accept the warranty liabilities of other companies.  In the case of goods bought from a reseller or source other than Cameras Underwater, please contact the company from which the purchase was made.
  • We do not refund the cost of sending items to us for repair.  Nor do we accept liability for loss of incoming goods in transit.  We recommend that you insure the shipment and use a trackable service.
  • Return postage is charged for items sent to destinations outside the UK.

 4) Sending equipment from outside the UK

  • Make sure that you have filled-in the customs forms correctly.  Packages with duty outstanding, or shipping charges forward, will be refused unless a prior arrangement for payment exists.  We cannot undertake to negotiate with customs authorities and shippers over misapplied charges. 

5) What to include when sending items for repair

  • Major camera manufacturers often handle warranty claims by replacing or upgrading the product.  Hence, when returning goods to major manufacturers, either directly or via Cameras Underwater, it is sometimes necessary to return the complete kit, as supplied.  If in doubt, contact us.
  • When returning equipment for repair (as opposed to replacement), please do not send items which are definitely unrelated to the fault.  For housing problems, we require the complete enclosure, so that a pressure test can be performed after completion of the work.  For flash triggering problems, we require the interconnecting cables, and we sometimes require the camera as well as the housing.  We do not however need arms, trays, and other bulky external attachments.  If in doubt, contact us.
  • Always include a covering note listing your contact details (name, address, phone number(s) and e-mail address) and stating the reason for the return.

 6) Insurance appraisals

  • We  can inspect damaged equipment and provide a written report for submission to an insurance company.  Such letters incur a charge of (GBP) £35 + VAT (in addition to any return postage charges) which is redeemable in the event that replacement goods are purchased from Cameras Underwater Ltd.

7) No fault refunds

  • If, for any reason, you wish to return a product for refund please contact us immediately.  Proof of purchase may be required.  A full refund of the cost of the goods will only be issued on receipt of the returned item in an unused and undamaged condition, complete with all of its packaging, accessories, and documentation. We ask that you notify us of your intention to return goods within 7 working days of their receipt. 

8) End-of-life equipment disposal (WEEE)

  • Purchasers of new electrical and electronic equipment from Cameras Underwater may return old equipment, on a like for like basis, for free safe disposal.  Such waste items should be sent, at the owner's expense, within 28 days of the new purchase. See the WEEE page for details. 

9) Returns address

Ship to:
Cameras Underwater Ltd.
Slade Rd.,
Ottery ST Mary,
EX11 1QH

Items can also be returned by hand to the above address during working hours.



Warranty periods

Manufacturer Duration from New Warranty on Repairs
 10 Bar  1 year  6 months
 Aquatech  1 year  1 year
 Aquatica  1 year  1 year
 Canon  1 year  6 months
 Casio  2 years  6 months
 Epoque  1 year  3 months
 EWA-Marine  1 year  1 year
Fisheye/Seatool   1 year  -
 Fuji  1 year  6 months
 Gates  2 years  2 years
 Greenforce  3 years
(no warranty on bulbs, o-rings or batteries)
 1 year
 Ikelite  Subtrobes & batteries: 2 years
Other products: 1 year
 1 year
 Inon  2 years  6 months
 Lowepro  Lifetime  -
 Olympus  2 years European
1 year Global
 6 months
 Panasonic  1 year  6 months
 Pelican  Lifetime  -
 Pentax  1 year  6 months
 Sanyo  1 year  -
 Sea & Sea  1 year  3 months 
 Sealife  1 year  3 months 
 Sigma  2 year UK
1 year Global
 6 months
 Sony  1 year  6 months
 Ultralight  Lifetime  -
 UR Pro  1 year  -
 2nd Hand and refurbished items  3 months  -
 Service  6 months  -


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