Nauticam #26321 TTL Flash Trigger for Canon

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Nauticam #26321 TTL Flash Trigger for Canon

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TTL Flash Trigger for Canon
The optical flash trigger mounts on the camera hot-shoe inside the housing and triggers the flashes via fiber optic bulkheads. Automatic TTL Flash is possible with Sea & Sea DS-TTL or Inon S-TTL Strobes.  The TTL trigger also offers manual and rear curtain sync.

The TTL Converter is compatible with the following Nauticam housings:
1DX Mark II . 1D X . 5D Mark IV . 5DS R . 5D S . 5D Mark III . 6D . 7D Mark II . 70D . 80D

Compatible with All Popular Strobes
Sea & Sea YS-D2 . Sea & Sea YS-D1 . Sea & Sea YS-01 . Inon Z-240 . Inon S-2000 . Inon D-2000



Rear Curtain Sync!
Nikon users have had this all along, but for a Canon shooter this is a big, big deal... Very few (reliable) flash systems over time have allowed Canon 2nd Curtain flash synchronization, a critical functionality for dragging the shutter to create movement in a frame with motion blur.

Batteries Not Included
In order to maximize the performance of this system, and flashes per charge, the Nauticam TTL Trigger for Canon is built around a compact rechargeable lithium ion Canon NB-13L and Canon CB-2LH Charger, which are sold separately. 

Know the Camera Menu!!!

There are some very important customer functions that must be set on your Canon camera before using the Nauticam TTL Trigger for Canon. Please follow these instructions when setting up the camera:

The Canon TTL Trigger has an automatic shutdown feature designed to save battery life when not in use.  Most housings can't access the power button to turn it back on, so it is important to disable the camera "Auto power off" feature.  As long as the camera is not metering, battery life is still very good even with this feature deactivated.

The menu "External Speedlite Control" tab contains a Flash function settings link which is handy for changing between TTL and Manual flash, and for setting First or Second (Front or Rear) curtain Flash Sync.

There is also an "Auto power off" tab for the TTL trigger, which should be disabled.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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