Nauticam #25011 Sets of spacers and long screws

Nauticam #25011 Sets of spacers and long screws

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Sets of spacers and long screws (for increasing handle distance)
Nauticam #25011


The spacer will move the handle out from housing by 10 mm (13/32 inch). Put one on each handle of your Nauticam housing and the distance from handle to handle will be increased 20mm (slightly more than 3/4 inch).

Adding 10mm more space between the handle on the housing and controls will provide more room for gloves or for people with large hands.

Kit includes:

  • two 10 mm spacers
  • two 8 mm by 28 mm long bolts
  • four 2.5 mm by 8 mm long bolts


  1. Remove the 8 mm bolt holding the handle; save lockwasher and washer
  2. Remove handle
  3. Position spacer and secure with two 2.5 mm bolts
  4. Place lockwasher and washer on new longer bolt
  5. Install new bolt and lockwasher to secure handle to housing
Additional Information

Additional Information

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