INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide angle lens

INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide angle lens

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INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide angle Lens (M52)
Requires appropriate mount converter from M52 to LD or M67.

Use this lens with compact cameras with longer zooms. See compatibility table below.



●Dual use (land / underwater) wide conversion lens specially designed for compact cameras with lenses wider than 28mm (35mm film equivalent) or having super zoom with longer extension. You can get ultra wide underwater imaging with approx. 80mm focal length (35mm film equivalent) setting on the camera not as like standard wide conversion lens.See comptibility table below.

●The maximum angle of view is 100°underwater for wide imaging and 179.8°on land for fish-eye imaging.

●Unique optical design allows the user to shorten the minimum focal distance with ultra wide view angle thus effective for wide macro shot.

●The lens construction is 4 elements in 4 groups of optical glass. Subject side lens surface is water-shedding magenta coating and inner lenses have multi coating to suppress reflection by lenses themselves to suppress chromatic aberration.

●Optional "Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80" further increases maximum view angle to 149.8°underwater for semi-fisheye imaging.

●The UWL-S100 ZM80 is attached on compatible camera housing via combination of "Lens Adapter Base" which is exclusively designed for each housing and appropriate "Mount Converter".

●The lens barrel has threaded wall so as to adjust the lens position back and forth depending on the camera's design.

Camera Housing Compatibility Mount Base Mount Converter
Canon Powershot G7 X Mk II      WP-DC55         ü  LD Lens Adapter Base DC54/55  M52-LD
Canon Powershot G7 X WP-DC54 ü  LD Lens Adapter Base DC54/55 M52-LD 
Canon Powershot G16 WP-DC52 ü  LD Lens Adapter Base DC52 M52-LD 
Canon Powershot SX280 HS WP-DC49 ü  LD Lens Adapter Base DC46/49 M52-LD 
Canon Powershot G15 WP-DC48 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base DC48  M52-M67
Canon Powershot SX260 HS WP-DC46 ü  LD Lens Adapter Base DC46/49  M52-LD
Canon Powershot G1 X WP-DC44 x      -   -
 Fuji Finepix 600EXR, 550EXR, F500EXR  WP-FXF500 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base FXF500   M52-M67
Panasonic LUMIX TZ40 MCTZ40 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base MCTZ35/40  M52-M67
Panasonic LUMIX TZ35 MCTZ35 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base MCTZ35/40  M52-M67
Panasonic LUMIX TZ30 MCTZ30 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base MCTZ30  M52-M67
Panasonic LUMIX TZ20 MCTZ20 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base MCTZ20  M52-M67
Panasonic LUMIX TZ10 MCTZ10 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base MCTZ10  M52-M67
Panasonic LUMIX TZ7 MCTZ7 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base MCTZ7/5  M52-M67
Panasonic LUMIX TZ5 MCTZ5 ü  M67 Lens Adapter Base MCTZ7/5  M52-M67
Additional Information

Additional Information

Field of view (FOV) Vignetting will occur when focal length is less tham 80mm (35mm equiv.)FOV: 100° underwater, 179.8 in air
magnification 0.23x
Construction 4 elements, 4 groups
Depth Rating 60m
Length 66.4mm
Diameter 67.8mm
Buoyancy -145g
Product Weight 296g
Material Optical glass with anti-reflection coatings
SKU/EAN inon-uwl-s100_zm80

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