INON UFL-M150 ZM80 micro fisheye

INON UFL-M150 ZM80 micro fisheye

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INON UFL-M150 ZM80 Underwater Micro Fisheye Lens (M27)


  • Compact fisheye lens to shoot through eyes of small marine life, so-called "insect-eye lens" imaging. The lens is designed to use at approx. 80mm zoom position (35mm film equivalent) not as like standard wide conversion lens.  (Designed for underwater use only.)
  • Underwater angle of view is 150°. Macro subjects can be photgraphed as close as  0cm.
  • The UFL-M150 ZM80 is an afocal system conversion lens which does not affect the brightness of your own camera's lens and enables you to use the benefit of your camera's auto focus.
  • You can take full advantage of INON "S-TTL" Auto exposure of INON Z-240, D-2000, S-2000 to benefit appropriate exposure images simply by pressing the shutter release button.
  • The lens barrel has a threaded wall to adjust the lens position back and forth so as to accommodate different master lenses among the many compact digital cameras (Not useable for super-zoom cameras, or cameras with interchangeable lenses).
  • The UFL-M150 ZM80 is attached on to compatible camera housings via a combination of "Mount Base" which is exclusively designed for each housing and the appropriate "Mount Converter".

    For M67 lenses use the M27-M67 Mount Converter for UFL-M150 ZM80
    For Inon AD and 28AD lenses use the M27-AD Mount Converter for UFL-M150 ZM80
    For Inon 28LD lenses use the M27-LD Mount Converter for UFL-M150 ZM80

    Please note the following:

    When using UFL-M150 ZM80:

    *The UFL-M150 ZM80 is a special conversion lens to capture a full-frame image of a small subject - the so-called "insect eye lens imaging". Its optical design makes lens diameter relatively small and provides minimum aberrations when shooting a subject just in front of the lens. So if you wish to shoot underwater landscapes  with focusing to infinity then use a fisheye or very wide-angle lens.

    *This product is designed for underwater use only. It is not usable on land. Use a tank or bathtub filled with water when conducting test shot on land.

    *When shooting, zoom towards to telephoto side at approximately focal length 80mm (35mm film equivalent) until no vignetting is observed. Shooting at wide end setting will give you a circular fisheye image (view angle 150 degrees).

    *Since the lens has small diameter and enables to focus at 0cm from the lens surface, depth of field gets enormously shallow when shooting in few mm distance. In such a case, it is recommended to use small aperture setting.

    *This product is not compatible with any of INON "Lens Holder" due to product feature to adjust mount position back and forth by screwing it.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Field of view (FOV) Vignetting will occur when focal length is less tham 80mm (35mm equiv.) FOV: 150° underwater
magnification 0.15x
Construction 5 elements, 4 groups
Depth Rating 60m
Length 36.8mm
Diameter 37.7mm
Buoyancy -41g
Product Weight 66g
Material Optical glass with anti-reflection coatings
SKU/EAN inon-ufl-m150_zm80