INON S-2000 UN Package

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INON S-2000 UN Package

Ex. VAT: £499.17 Inc. VAT: £599.00

To choose the correct tray for your housing:

Non Ikelite housings
All Non Ikelite housings use 1/4"-20 for their tray mounting screws.
- If you have a housing with more than 2 screw holes you can choose either single or dual options depending on whether you want to attach using 1 central hole or 2 of the outside holes.

Ikelite housings
- If you have a housing with a single screw hole it will be 1/4"-20.
- If you have an ikelite housing with 2 screw holes it can either be 1/4"-20 or 12-24 depending on when you purchased it.
- If you have the ikelite G16 Non TTL housing #6147.16 this housing has 2 1/4"-20 threads.
- if you purchased your housing before or during 2015 it will have 12-24 screw threads.
- if the housings is grey/white coloured they will be 1/4"-20.
- if the housing is clear and you purchased the housing in 2016 or after you will need to check what the threads are.

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Ex. VAT: £499.17 Inc. VAT: £599.00


Includes Inon S-2000, 10Bar Inon - Sea & Sea fibre-optic cable, UN bracket set


  • Precise "S-TTL" mode & 12 step "Manual"
  • Built-in EV. Controller to fine-tune S-TTL Auto exposure
  • Next generation wireless TTL
  • Powerful 4 x AA batteries operation
  • Minimum recycle time of 1.5 seconds at full flash

Additional Information

Additional Information

Beam angle 100 degrees with no diffuser
Colour Temperature 5500K
Batteries AA
Guide number in air 20
Manual mode Yes
Depth Rating 100m
SKU/EAN package-s2000-un

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