INON S-2000 strobe with flex arm package

INON S-2000 strobe with flex arm package

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This is a package for the Inon S-2000 strobe with all the parts needed to fit it to most compact housings. The included tray can be used with housings that have both a single bolt fitting, or a double bolt fitting. The tray also comes supplied with an extension, which can be attached to allow a second arm to be fitted.

The included fibre optic cable has an Inon type fitting on one end and a Sea & Sea type fitting on the other. A Sea & Sea type fibre optic socket (6mm hole) is found on most modern housings. If needed, the Sea & Sea connector on the fibre optic cable can be removed so the cable has a bare end instead. If your housing has no fibre optic cable socket then you can use one of the pads linked below.

The S-2000 is one of the best small strobes on the market right now and is compatible with most compact cameras. It has a TTL option which is an auto power feature where the strobe mimics the camera's flash output or you can use the manual power dial on the strobe instead. As TTL is a often bit hit or miss with any system, controlling your power manually is usually a much better option when working with most cameras, especially if your camera allows you to control the aperture and shutter speed manually. If your camera has the option to set its flash output manually then this is the most reliable way to make it work with a strobe such as this. In that case you might as well set the camera's flash output to a very low setting to speed up the operation.

If you want a small strobe for the Canon Powershot G9 X II or G7 X II, this is the model we'd recommend. You will need to set the flash output manually as described above.



Strobe specs:

  • Same fundamental features as D-2000 in ultra comact body
  • Guide Number 20.
  • Circular 110 degree beam coverage with a diffuser
  • Precise "S-TTL" mode & 12 step "Manual"
  • Built-in EV. Controller to fine-tune S-TTL Auto exposure
  • Next generation wireless TTL
  • Powerful 4 x AA batteries operation
  • Minimum recycle time of 1.5 seconds at full flash
Additional Information

Additional Information

Supplied Accessories -0.5 White Diffuser, Magnet, Magnet Screw, Spare O-ring (Battery Box), INON Grease, Wireless Connection Kit
Beam angle 100 degrees with no diffuser
Colour Temperature 5500K
Sync Connection Inon Fibre Optic cable
Batteries AA
Buoyancy 69g
Guide number in air 20
TTL mode Yes
Manual mode Yes
Depth 106.5mm
Height 83.1mm
Width 64mm
Product Weight 295g
Depth Rating 100m
Part Number S-2000
SKU/EAN inons2000-flex