INON LD Lens Adapter Base WP-DC54, WP-DC55 (Canon G7 X, G7 X Mark II)

INON LD Lens Adapter Base WP-DC54, WP-DC55 (Canon G7 X, G7 X Mark II)

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Inon 28 LD mount base for WP-DC54 and WP-DC55 (Canon PowerShot G7 X and G7 X Mark II)
For attachment of Inon LD bayonet macro lens and UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide Lens.
UWL-S100 ZM80 requires M52-LD Mount converter



 The “LD Lens Adapter Base DC54/55” enables you to install the INON “28LD Mount series” attachment lenses. Use the  “UWL-S100 ZM80” wide conversion lens  for wide-angle photography. It gives a maximum angle of view underwater of 100° (in air: 179.8°) and its super wide option, the “Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80”  increases the angle up to 149.8°. For macro use the UCL 165 LD.

Advisory notes from Inon:

  • When using "Lens Adapter Base DC54/55" attached on WP-DC55/ PowerShot G7 X MARK II without any lens, the camera system will have buoyancy. Adjust total underwater weight by using other accessories to get slightly negative buoyancy to avoid accidental rapid ascent.

  • Significant vignetting will be observed at the zoom wide end even without an attachment lens. This will be eliminated by removing the LD Lens Adapter Unit from the housing lens port.
  • Use a smaller aperture setting for optimum optical performance, since combined camera is required set to focal length approx.80mm (35mm film equivalent) making image quality degrade on peripheral part with wider aperture setting.

  • Zoom in until no vignetting is observed for both on land and underwater use.. This product is designed to bring out underwater angle of view100° (air: 179.8°) when camera zoom position is set to about 80mm (35mm film equivalent).

  • Using both on land and underwater from zoom wide end to middle range will have vignetting. Zoom towards telephoto side until no vignetting is observed.

  • The Original "LD Lens Adapter Base DC54" is also usable with the WP-DC55.

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Additional Information

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