Ikelite #6970.03 Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1 Housing (White)

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Ikelite #6970.03 Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1 Housing (White)

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This housing includes a dome port, so it's one of the only SLR housings in the world to have both interchangeable ports AND be supplied with a port.

Since its introduction, the Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1 system has become one of the most popular DSLR systems under water. It's universally loved due to its size, weight, ease of use, and image quality. This updated version of the original housing includes the following new features:

  • Super sensitive and ergonomic new shutter lever

  • Spare port for optional vacuum valve (sold separately)

  • Universal 1/4-20 threaded tray mounting

  • New white ABS-PC blend

  • Optional single or dual tray & handles (sold separately)



The 100D SL1 system is a great choice whether you're upgrading from an older camera, or downsizing from a larger system. 
Read why upgrading to the 100D Rebel SL1 may be right for you!

Product Details
The True TTL Advantage
TTL or "Through-The-Lens" flash metering means the camera controls flash duration to properly expose an image. Unlike fiber optic systems, which attempt to copy the behavior of the camera's built-in flash, this unique housing for the Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1 provides direct, electrical transmission of this TTL signal to the any current model Ikelite DS strobe. 

Since the camera is talking directly to the strobe, the camera's built-in flash does not need to fire. This dramatically increases battery life and virtually eliminates the recycle lag, allowing the camera to be triggered in more rapid succession than with optical-based systems. When shooting a fast moving object, this make the difference between going home with the shot or just talking about it. Additionally, in-line communication between the strobe and the camera completely eliminates signal interference and false triggering caused by light rays bouncing off the water's surface or your buddy's flash going off. 

The Ikelite-style electrical bulkhead is widely recognized as the most reliable waterproof strobe sync connection available. 

Ergonomics & Handling
Ikelite have  packed a lot in a small package, only slightly larger than the EOS 100D camera and just as comfortable to hold. Set up is a snap with simple, fully front-loaded camera installation. The camera mounting shoe is designed to be unobtrusive and allow changing of battery and memory cards, or attachment to a surface tripod without being removed from the camera. A smooth-action, sensitive shutter trigger is right at your fingertips whether holding the side of the housing or the optional dual tray with quick release handles. Controls are provided for all camera functions except for the rear touchscreen, so you have complete creative control anywhere you go.

 The optional Single or Dual Tray with Quick Release Handles are now sold separately to prevent redundancy and benefit users who may be able to use trays from a previous system. 

Materials & Build Quality
Our brand new ABS-PC blend provides strength and corrosion free performance year with minimal maintenance. The specially formulated color deflects the sun to keep your camera running cooler, longer. Compared to black or clear housings, the light gray color provides superior contrast for enhanced view of the camera, LCD screen, and o-ring seal.

The unique rear seal design prevents accidental twisting or stretching of the o-ring for simple and confident assembly. We have eliminated the need for an o-ring groove or channel which can trap sand, dirt, or debris. Two double-passivated stainless steel locking lid snaps are simple to use and virtually unbreakable. The clear back allows you to see the o-ring form a solid, watertight seal as it closes.

Ikelite products are designed, built and tested in the USA. We use locally sourced, top-grade materials. Our housings are built by hand and individually tested for fit and function. Every unit is water pressure tested to 200 feet (60m). We back our products with over 50 years of experience and the best reputation for service within the dive industry.

This housing comes standard with a optical grade acrylic dome port with zoom ring. This port provides sharp images and zoom capabilities with both the Canon EF-S 18-55mm STM kit lens, plus the popular Tokina 10-17mm lens. Minimal vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image) will be present in the 10-12mm range when used the Tokina lens. A special zoom gear system allows the camera with lens attached to be installed from the back of the housing, without requiring removal of the dome port.

An optional zoom sleeve (Product Number 5509.20) is available for use with the Canon 10-18mm STM lens, sold separately. This lens is accommodated by the standard dome port with no vignetting.

The dome port may be removed without tools to attach the optional Mirrorless Flat Port Macro Extended for use with the Canon EF-S 60mm Macro lens. Simply loosen the securing thumb screws and slide the port off. The optional Flat Port allows use of the 60mm Macro lens in auto-focus mode and features 67mm front threads for the optional attachment of macro converter wet lenses. This Flat Port can also be combined with the DLM 2.2 Inch Port Extension for use with the Canon 100mm USM IS Macro lens. The Lens Extension allows for auto focus only.

This housing was built to be the ultimate in compact, streamlined travel. Therefore this housing is not compatible with Fixed Lens Ports or Modular Lens Ports from our standard DSLR Lens Port System.

Effective January 1, 2015, Flat Port product number 9304.53 is now offered as Mirrorless Flat Port Macro Extended product number 5516.50. These two product numbers are identical and may be used interchangeably.

Strobe Compatibility
AF35: no
DS50: yes, above serial number 70000
DS51: yes
DS125: yes, above serial number 5000
DS160, DS161: yes
DS200: yes
Non-Ikelite: yes if the strobe features an electrical bulkhead; manual flash exposure only
Fiber optic: no

What's Included
Internal Camera Mounting Tray # 9569.01
Main O-Ring # 0110
Dome port # 5516.15
Zoom Sleeve # 5509.19
Neoprene Port Cover # 0200.1
Waterproof bulkhead cap # 9104.5
Spare port o-ring # 0132.36
Spare set of 3 Port Thumb Screws # 9249.6
Silicone lubricant 1cc tube # 0184.1
1 year manufacturer warranty

Spare Parts
#0110 Main o-ring
#0200.1 Port cover
#9249.6 Port Thumbscrews Set of 3
#9104.5 Waterproof bulkhead cap
#5509.19 Zoom Sleeve for Canon 18-55mm STM
#0184.2 Silicone lubricant resealable 2cc tube

Additional Information

Additional Information

Camera Specific Housing Finder Canon EOS 100D
Depth Rating 60m / 200 feet
Port This housing comes standard with a optical grade acrylic dome port with zoom ring.
Controls Controls for all camera functions except Rear Touch Screen
Sync Connection Ikelite Digital TTL ICS-5 5-pin Electrical Bulkhead plus TTL circuitry compatible with current model Ikelite DS strobes
Tray Attachment Universal 1/4-20 threaded tray mounting
Supplied Accessories Internal Camera Mounting Tray # 9569.01; Main O-Ring # 0110; Dome port # 5516.15; Zoom Sleeve # 5509.19; Neoprene Port Cover # 0200.1; Waterproof bulkhead cap # 9104.5; Spare port o-ring # 0132.36; Spare set of 3 Port Thumb Screws # 9249.6; Silico
Construction New white ABS-PC blend;
Product Weight Weight of housing 3 lb 3 oz (1.4 kg); Weight of dome port 13 oz (376 g)
Dimensions Dimensions of housing 6.4 x 7.5 x 5.9 in (16 x 19 x 15 cm) including projections; Dimensions of dome port 5 in diameter x 3.3 in (13 x 8.5 cm) including projections
Part Number #6970.03
SKU/EAN 883711053301

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