Ewa-marine LogoFlexible SLR Housings
Useable maximum depth depends on enclosed air volume.  All models can be used to at least 10m. Larger models can be used at 20m or greater, see product details for more information.
Double-laminated PVC with welded seams.
All housings are fitted with an optical glass front port which can be used without vingetting with lenses with focal length of 28mm or longer (35mm equiv.).
Cameras with body wider than 140mm fit in U-B series housings.  Cameras with body up to 140mm wide will fit in the smaller U-A (autofocus) or U-F (manual focus) series housings.
If the lens that you intend to use has a filter thread greater than 72mm you will need to use a housing with "100" at the end of its product code (these have a 95mm diameter glass port).
If you intend to use a hot-shoe flash, you will need a housing with "X" or "XP" in its product code. "X" housings allow a maximum total height of 240mm. "XP" housings allow up to 275mm (measured from bottom of camera to top of flash).
Housings without "Z" allow a total length of 165mm or 170mm. "Z" (zoom) housings allow a total length from 170mm to 230mm (measured from back of camera to front of lens).
U-A series
For SLR and system compact cameras with auto-focus lenses. 

U-B series
For "large-bodied" SLR Cameras with a body Wider than 140mm 
U-B, U-B100
U-BF, U-BF100
U-BZ, U-BZ100
U-F series
For SLR and system compact cameras with manual focus lenses.