Bigblue AL2600XWP Black Molly V 2600 lumen video light

Bigblue AL2600XWP Black Molly V 2600 lumen video light

Ex. VAT: £204.17 Inc. VAT: £245.00

This is the new 2019 edition of the BigBlue AL2600XWP, nicknamed Black Molly V. This version has shrunk since last years model, it is the smallest 2600 lumen underwater video light we have ever sold.

We think it is a very good light for the price and has enough power for most people's needs when shooting smaller subjects. For larger subjects you might want to consider the more powerful VL4200P model instead. 2600 lumens would have been considered extremely bright a few years ago, however with the extra power available, companies such as Bigblue have been able to improve their lights by making the beams much wider. This is great news for working with a wide angle lens, but it does reduce how far the light will penetrate through the water, hence the need for even more power at times.

This light is generous with the features and the supplied accessories. It has a built-in red light which many underwater creatures can not see, an SOS mode, a changeable rechargeable battery plus separate charger, battery indicator lights, four power settings, a removable yellow filter, two types of mount(ball and YS), a wrist lanyard, and in order to reduce single-use packaging it now comes shipped in a handy colourful drybag(it is lucky dip with the colour folks).

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Ex. VAT: £204.17 Inc. VAT: £245.00
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brightness 2600 lumens
Beam angle 120 degrees
Colour Temperature 6500K
Controls 4 power settings, red light and SOS all controlled from one button
Burn Time 2 hours on full power
Batteries Rechargeable Li-Ion 26650
Mount Type ball and YS included
Depth Rating 100m
Dimensions Diameter 35.5mm x Length 126.8 mm
Product Weight 218 g (including battery)
Buoyancy -105g (including battery)
Colour Black or Orange & Silver
Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy
SKU/EAN Bigblue AL2600XWP-v2019