Ball clamp maintenance

Ball clamps, such as those made by Ultralight and UN can work well for a very long time, however they do sometimes require a little maintenance.
It's best to rinse all your equipment with fresh water before it's had a chance to dry. Failure to do so will allow salt residue to build up on your equipment, and the clamps may corrode. You should be aware that rinse tanks on dive boats are often very salty.

When you return from a trip, it's a good idea to strip down your clamps to clean them.

Be careful with the small parts, try not to lose any or forget the order in which they need to be assembled.

Rinsing the parts in slightly warm water should help to loosen up any salt residue before cleaning.

An old tooth brush is a useful tool to scrape off the salt, particularly for the bolt.


Applying some grease to the bolt will help stop any corrosion, whilst making it less prone to future salt buildup.

Remove any excess grease, then screw the bolt in and out of the wing nut several times until it moves smoothly.

Your housing's O-ring grease is suitable to use on the bolt.

If you have any questions, please do let us know.