Aquatica #19355 Single Flip Holder for Mini Macro Port

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Aquatica #19355 Single Flip Holder for Mini Macro Port

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Aquatica Single Flip Holder for # 18430 Mini Macro Port
67mm threaded to accept Aquatica and other manufacturer's close-up lenses.

Aquatica 19355



Single Flip Holder

This convenient flip holder, for the Mini Macro Port, holds a 67mm threaded close up lens on a hinge, ready to be used, its powerful magnetic retaining system meaning no wasted time fidgeting on securing a lens into place, in a fraction of a second, without losing sight of the subject, your close up lens is in place, properly aligned and ready for you to concentrate on taking the shot. Once done, just flip it back up, out of the way. That quick, that easy!

Introduced in 2016, the ACU Flip Holder for adapting close up lens to the Mini Macro Port is the latest addition to the Close Up line of accessories offered by Aquatica, This flip holder is designed to work seamlessly with our new Mini Macro Port and our ACU+5 & ACU+10 lenses, this new flat port has a frontal bayonet to accept the ACU Flip Holder, simply attaching and rotating the flip holder in place, the integrated locking mechanism will then securely hold it in position.

The ACU Flip Holder model comes as a single hinged holder, a dual hinged holder version is also available, and should you want to upgrade a single holder to a dual later on, an extra hinge holder is available to do so. These flip holder hinges are 67mm threaded to accept both our acclaimed ACU+5 & ACU+10 close up lenses as well as most other brands of close-up lenses on the market equipped with similar thread

Once completely assembled, the Mini Macro Port, Flip holder and ACU+5 & ACU+10 lenses offer quick access to magnification, all the while maintaining a streamlined profile ideal for creatively positioning the lighting equipment on the subject.

Commitment to compatibility with previously released Aquatica products is important for us, the ACU system offers continuity for the 18429 and legacy 18426 & 18428 macro ports with a close up kit which includes the ACU+5 & ACU+10 lenses, with a holder that allow mounting of the close up lens on these port. Mounting the close up lens to the holder is done via a unique press fit method, this makes for a quick and secure mounting. Both the ACU+5 & ACU+10 close-up lenses also have a standard 67mm thread incorporated in their design for added versatility.

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Additional Information

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