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Diving Accessories


Heavy duty lanyard.
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Heavy duty lanyard.
Bespoke lanyard. Curly cable has 150kg of breaking strength. Large Carabina fits large photo systems including Ikelite SLR trays.
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10 Bar lanyard PA-Ly-W-SS
10 Bar Bungy Lanyard
Max lenth 61cm (aprox distance from the metal rings)
Not available
10 Bar long lanyard PA-Ly-W-SS5
10 Bar Long Bungy Lanyard
Max length 100cm (aprox distance from the metal rings)
Not available
ikelite #0321.10 Vinyl lanyard, black
Ikelite vinyl lanyard.
With sliding toggle, black.
ikelite #0321.10
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Olympus Floating Handstrap
Olympus Floating Handstrap
Attach to Tough cameras to allow them to float.
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SeaLife SL920 Float strap
Float strap
SeaLife SL920
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Epoque wrist lanyard
Wrist lanyard with sliding toggle, black.
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rash_red_ls_ rash_pink_ss_ ikelite Rashguards


3107-pics-or-it-didnt-happen-thumb 3108-delivering-the-future-thumb ikelite T-Shirts


ikelite wrist compass ikelite Pro Compass #2500
Direct reading underwater navigation compass.
Counter clockwise degree markings provide direct reading of the course. The North indicator is aligned to the given course, then navigation is by following the direction arrow (no mental arithmetic required).
dot_gy Rotating bezel.
dot_gy Precision jewelled movement.
dot_gn Luminescent markings.
dot_gy Corrosion free polycarbonate body.
dot_gy Low profile design.
dot_gy Velcro wrist strap.


ikelite #2500 Pro compass
Ikelite Underwater wrist compass with rotating bezel.
ikelite #2500
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Diving Lights pca2bu__